Monday, July 22nd


Session Includes:

  • 45 minute studio session
  • 2 hi-res digital images
  • 2 wardrobe changes
  • Pro hair & makeup artistry
  • Same day selection


Regular pricing: $990




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Email us at: cindy@cindykophotography.com


Want the Boudoir Experience?

Explore new backdrops or dip your toes into the world of boudoir photography with our boudoir mini marathon days. Designed for both past clients seeking variety and new clients eager to discover the allure of boudoir, these date-specific back-to-back sessions are perfect for a quick yet empowering experience.

If you're a past client looking to refresh your boudoir collection, our mini marathon days offer a different backdrop for your intimate portraits. In a condensed timeframe, you can explore various settings, themes, and moods, creating a diverse and captivating collection.

For a more personalized and comprehensive session, our custom sessions are the way to go. Whether you're new to boudoir or seeking a tailored approach, our custom sessions cater to your desires. From choosing the perfect sets to curating a comfortable ambiance, we ensure your unique beauty and sensuality shine through.

At our boudoir photography studio, we believe in providing options that suit your needs. Whether you choose our mini marathon days or custom sessions, our experienced team guarantees a professional and empowering experience. Embrace your beauty, celebrate your femininity, and capture stunning images that reflect your inner strength.

Book your boudoir mini marathon day or custom session today, and embark on a transformative journey of self-expression.



Boudoir, there seems to be quite a misconception about the genre. So what exactly is it? It’s a fine line between fashion and glamour portraits. The term “boudoir” (/ˈbdwɑːr/) comes from a French word that means “a woman’s private sitting room or salon in a furnished residence, usually between the dining room and the bedroom, but can also refer to a woman’s private bedroom”. The sessions are meant to empower people (mostly woman, but some men do them). They are meant to explore a different side of your personality and for you to feel good about yourself in your own skin. Women typically wear lingerie and racier clothing as a confidence booster and to exude sensuality portraying a vulnerable, very real side of them.