Getting Ready for Your Boudoir Session: A Guide for Men

Men’s Boudoir is something we don’t talk about as much as women’s, but why not? Men want to feel confident and sexy too! A man’s body is a work of art, just as a women’s is.

While at our studio, we photograph a lot of women and we focus on the empowerment of women, men’s boudoir is a fun change of pace and it is nice to watch a man walk out of the studio with confidence. With women, we tend to use soft lighting that flatters the figure and smoothes the texture of the skin. With men, we embrace shadows, using them to create definition and add intensity.  The technical elements may be different, but the mission remains the same: to give our client  a boost of confidence and feel good vibes.


So how should you prep for your session?

Don’t be afraid to practice in the mirror – We fully pose everyone, so don’t you worry, however practice facial expressions that you would like to see on yourself.

Don’t compare – that’s the worst thing you can do! Put that magazine away unless it’s truly inspiring you. You don’t have to have a six pack to look amazing.

Don’t start using new skincare products – Now is not the time to experiment with new products. We don’t want any break outs or reactions.

Leave the self tanner at home – We get it, most of us don’t go around sunbathing nude, but leave the tan lines alone, we will take care of that in post production, plus no one wants to look like an Oompa Loompa.


Days before your session:

Avoid greasy, salty, and spicy foods/

Get your hair trimmed, now is not the time to try a new style either.

If you dye your hair, make sure your color is good and roots aren’t visible.

Fingernails and toenails should be trimmed and cleaned up.

If you groom your eyebrows, now IS a good time.


Exfoliate your face and body 3-4 days prior to the session and before the session.

Drink LOTS of water.

Do some stretching! We promise you’ll regret it if you don’t.

Moisturize your face and body.


(Be aware that we may use some translucent powder on you and clear mascara to give everything a boost on camera. Most of all let’s get this going and have some fun!)


Types of outfits and things to bring:

(When planning for your photoshoot, make sure to bring a variety of different outfits to your wardrobe consultation. Try on all your outfits beforehand and make sure it fits properly).

Underwear sets – I recommend multiple styles and colors to have a variety in your photos. (The most common are white, gray, and black – but if you like a pop of a color then be YOU!).

Button up shirt – Poses unbuttoning your shirt look HOT! Bring some button ups in different styles.

White tank top – This look can be very sexy paired with jeans.

Jeans – Need I say more? Unbutton, show some boxers.

Work uniform – Have a career that requires a uniform? Those are always fun to incorporate if you choose to do so.


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